“The songs are tight, intricate, dynamic and clearly the product of considerable work”.
– Terrorizer Magazine

“…50 times more captivating musical power than most Black Metal bands could possibly hope to cram into albums twice this long. Drottnar's Anamorphosis is nothing short of a masterpiece”.
– Smother.net

“…Drottnar is the most original band I've heard in a long time. I didn't find it particularly easy to absorb the music and see its genius, this isn't very accessible in other words, but when I got it under my skin, I found that there was no return”.
– The Metal Observer

“..Melancholic melodies and tremendous technical parts are switching to capture our attention”
– Scream Magazine

“..you will find nothing but quality on this release..”
– Voices from the Dark Side

“Drottnar's intense black metal features cruel-sounding intricate guitar works and extreme tempo changes which make the song development totally unforeseeable”.
– 21 Century Metal

“If you've seen Drottnar live you know that energy and metal of the black kind is what hits you in the face!...... I'm sure this band can reach really far..”
– Musiq.no

“Just think of ENTOMBED, IMMORTAL & EMPEROR becoming one super group! That's what these guys sound like!!!”
– Bewolf Productions

“Drottnar shows that one can still sound independent today…Anamorphosis is a very complex and exciting album”.
– Mordor Magazine

“..very fastidious Black Metal with various complexities, unexpected breaks and extravagant riffing..”
– BloodDawn.de


- Smother Magazine

Someone called the new mania from Drottnar “bunker-blasting strobo-metal”. Really, no lenghty review could better describe the absolutely unmatched insanity of Welterwerk. After the fairly boring Spiritual Battle record, Drottnar released the future-focused, progressive black metal, head-scratcher EP Anamorphosis. Even the groundbreaking nature of that EP does not prepare us for what the new record holds. Surging lightyears beyond where they left off, Drottnar assault the mind, body, and spirit with a scathing combination of grim attitude, technical wizardry, earth-shattering fuzz bass, and surgically precise execution. On Welterwerk, Drottnar manage to combine disparate sounds reminiscent of Mayhem and Dillinger Escape Plan at once into a strangely cohesive and utterly satisfying package. The captivating structures and riffs are even more mind-mangling with production values that span the entire range of human hearing. Welterwerk is dark, extreme metal art that will confuse, challenge, and ultimately energize metal minds to new levels of perception.

- VictoryZine

Insanity is often said to be close to geniousity. Never has it been more clear than on Drottnar’s newest creation. When you put this in your player the first thing you hear is an old movie player but suddenly Ad Hoc Revolt kicks in! This is the most insane and weird stuff I have ever heard. I don’t really know how to describe it, but I make a try: black-industrial-dissonant-progressive-metal with Sovjet influences. Or as a friend put it: Psycho-bunkerblasting-strobo-metal. This is almost totally unmelodic dissonant music and takes quite a while to get into.
In the middle of the CD comes some instrumental songs with soundeffects like dogs, shooting, radio, some Czech voices and a trumpet intro.

It all sounds very weird and it truly is. But the music, the sound effects, the CD cover, the uniforms and the lyrics come together in a genious way seldom seen and heard. The lyrics are written in a very cryptical way, but if you read them a couple of times and think for a while you’ll see that they are just as genious as the rest of the CD! They have a better message than many of the bands out there too!

If you like black and progressive intelligent music you need to get this album and join the Drottnar mob!
Hot shots: All. This is a masterpiece.

- Encyclopaedia Metallum

Odd technical extreme metal band Drottnar have actually been around a hell of a long time for a band with only one full-length to their name. Apparently they began as some sort of folk/melodic black metal and gradually turned into what they are now; technical blackened-death style metal. There are quite a few moments of both black metal and death metal on this CD, but the main oddity present here is the fact that black metal itself is not defined by any means by its technicality. If you go back in the history of the genre, you'll notice that, in fact, technicality (that is, complicated musicality and a penchant for going "all over the place" in terms of scales and time signatures) is completely absent from 99.9% of black metal; instead, black metal usually focuses on drawn-out, repetitive riff phrases with standard drumming (fast, slow or in between).
That having been said, this is essentially modern technical death metal; steady phrases interconnect but without easy transitions; often, jagged spikes of guitar and angular drumming will emerge and play a part in the chaos of it all. The beauty in the inherent chaos of tech. death is what draws a lot of people to the genre itself (curiously, it's really more of a modern development in the metal scene). The same draw is utilized here; harmonic and atonal riffs leap around all over the place offering very little respite to the listener. Stops and starts are frequent and demanding of the listener's attention span. The black metal ideas enter the playing field here during dissonant, typically tremolo-picked riffs interspersed throughout the album, which is really a very good idea considering this hasn't been done (well) by very many bands, if any, at all.
I also greatly appreciate this band's off-kilter image and interesting concepts; from their band picture to their logo to some of the song titles ("Niemand Geht Vorbei" which, translated from German, means "None Shall Pass", "Victor Comrade" and "Destruction's Czar"). They all point to a very secular worldview, despite the band apparently being Christian (trust me, it's not apparent here at all). I guarantee the aim is to play/mock the ideas of Nazism, Communism, etc., which I find pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself. This album is full of surprises ranging from interesting melody to throat-scraping harsh vocals and shouldn't be missed by tech-death fans who don't mind a bit of the black with their chaos.



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